Over time things need rejuvenation.  Sometimes the use of a building has changed, but the facade has not.  If you own a property or are working on one that needs a bit of attention to detail, look no further.  We are your source for replicating trim details both interior and exterior.  Wether you need cornice molding, custom posts, pilasters, corner boards, window cross heads and they must match the original, Parkerville Wood Products can reproduce them for you.

Some of the projects we have worked on are:

  • Exterior doors for Cheney Hall, Cheney Historic District, Manchester, CT.
  • Exterior doors for the Ribbon Mill Apartments, Cheney Historic District, Manchester, CT
  • Cypress picket fence parts for Old Wethersfield, CT.
  • Molding replication for a mantle in an East Hartford library.
  • Tenant Space, The Hartford, Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT
  • Yale Repertory Theatre, New Haven, CT
  • 18th Century Homes

Sometimes the projects are a bit out of the norm, or not in a historic district.  More often than not, our customers appreciate the traditional style of the older homes and want to maintain their integrity as best they can.  We can help any homeowner or contractor with our ability to custom match molding profiles, types of woods used, stain and color matching.  If you can provide us with a piece of the original molding, we can get knives cut to match.  We are a custom shop and are ready to serve your custom needs.

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