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Domestic Hardwood

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Retail Hardwood Lumber General Information

  •  All lumber is sold random width and random length and is first and seconds grade (FAS – 6″ and wider, 8′ and longer).
  • When you purchase 100-249 board feet, you receive a 7% discount on your board foot price. Call for pricing on lumber orders above 250 board feet.
  • Our lumber is sold by the board foot.
  • A board foot can be determined by multiplying, Thickness in inches (x) Width in inches (x) Length in inches, and dividing by 144.
  • Your lumber purchase is tallied before milling is started.
  • Our basic lumber price includes: one straight ripped edge, and rough planing on 2 faces.
  • For additional planing there is a charge of .25/bdft.
  • Please be sure to check our Wood of the Month specials.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • We will cut long boards if you are looking for short pieces. Our general rule is to leave an 8 foot piece in the rack.
  • We have a large selection of shorts that are generated through our commercial woodworking department and these are available for sale at reduced pricing.
  • Our stock plywood is available in half sheets.  The cost for a half sheet is half the full price plus $5 for cutting.  Special order plywood is available in full sheets only.

We stock over 60 different species of wood!

This is part of our Domestic lumber inventory.

This lumber rack carries some of our domestic inventory. Each board is marked with the length (on the right) and the board foot (on the left) so you can quickly determine the amount of material and its price. The tags on the steel cross beams identify each species, thickness and price.