We are actively re-merchandising our lumber racks.  If you have been to our facility you can imagine what an undertaking this will be.  Our goal is to carry larger quantities of the lumber and sizes our customers need.  In order to accomplish this we are putting some items on the floor with aggressive pricing.  If you have a pending project, do not hesitate to take a look at these opportunities.   We try to keep this list accurate and up to date.  If you are interested in anything you see here, please call to confirm it is still available.  All items shown are sold on first come first serve basis.  All sales are finial, no warranty and no returns.

Bubinga book match slab set, 1-15/16″ x 20-1/2″ x 14′-7″ for $2,500.00

 The following listed items are available for sale while supplies last.  We will mill this lumber to meet your needs with our regular additional milling charges.  We will entertain reasonable offers if you are interested in purchasing the remaining balance of these following items.  The following list was updated 4/12/18. 



  • 4/4 South American (Genuine) Mahogany:

    • We have 257.5 board feet, ripped one edge and planed to 13/16″ thick, random width and length, available for $9.15/BF!  If you take all, you can have for $8.50/BF. Offer applied to 13/16 stock only.

  • 4/4 Walnut, Standard Grade (FAS):

    • We have about 100 BF left, ripped one edge, planed to 15/16″, random width and length for $9.48/BF.  We have brought in a premium 90/90 select grade to replace the standard FAS.  Save big and purchase all remaining Standard 4/4 Walnut for $7.00/BF!

  • Discounted Engineered Panels:

    • We have a variety of engineered (plywood) panels with high grade architectural veneers on various cores (veneer core, MDF core, Particle Board core) available at steep discounts.  We need to move these out quickly.  Please ask to see them next time you are in.


  • We have a selection of special unique boards that we call FEATURE BOARDS.  Examples of these unique pieces of cabinet grade lumber are, Curly Birdseye Maple, and Curly Yellow Heart.  These are one of a kind pieces and therefore limited to stock on hand.

  •  Wood Louver Shutters: Basswood, 31-1/4″ Pair width, 56″ tall, 3 pair available, $70.00 NOW $35.00 per pair.

  •  FREE SCRAPS – solid mixed hardwood rips from our mill.  Stop by and pick them up.  Great kindling for camp fires or for small projects.  The pile is outside at the edge of curb under the tree in our parking lot. BRING YOUR TRUCK AND TAKE A LOAD! (Great for starting that camp fire (all Kiln Dried). Our scrap rippings go quickly, so check often.

  • DON’T FORGET OUR CUT OFF LUMBER RACK!  We have some newer items in our cut offs, “TEAK!”, and misc. moldings among other items.