We are pleased to offer you a choice for precision power tools.  

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The following are the items we currently stock.  Click on them for more information.


T12DD Drill Driver

12 Volt Drill/driver, T12DD. Item #5358, $139.99 + Tax & Delivery


T12ID Impact Driver

12 volt Impact Driver, T12ID. Item #5359, $144.99 + Tax and Delivery


TRPUL Rebate Planer

Unlimited Rebate Planer, TRPUL. Item #5357, $169.99 + Tax & Delivery


TCMBS Palm Sander

Palm Sander, TCMBS. Item #5355 $79.99 + Tax & Delivery


TCMPL Palm Planer

Palm Planer, TCMPL. ITem #5356, $79.99 + Tax & Delivery