Unique services and umatched expertise makes Parkerville a partner for all your woodworking needs.

People choose Parkerville because we can perform a variety of tasks that the competition cannot.

Not only do we provide you with unmatched expertise, we also carry an extensive inventory (often at lower costs than our competition), and have technical capabilities that cannot be easily found elsewhere. Take a look at what Parkerville can do for you:

Some of our Products:

  • 60+ different cabinet grade woods
  • Solid custom wood counters & table tops
  • DMT Sharpening Stones
  • Varathane Stains and Finishes
  • Bush Finishing Products
  • Hardwood Dowels

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • CNC cutting services
  • We sell cabinet grade lumber and plywood direct to you through our retail store.
  • We can cut and mill (shape) wood to your desired profiles and sizes.
  • We provide Sanding, Gluing, and Finishing.
  • Our custom woodworking shop can build custom cabinets, doors, trim, etc.