A number of our customers use us for shop support as well as their premier supplier of quality hardwoods and plywood.  Our commercial woodworking shop can handle any complex milling procedure that you may not be able to do in your home shop, or on a job site.  We often provide just one milling process for our customers.  Where else can you go to get one operation performed?

Contractors have us run lineal flat trim stock through our sander so they can get a better appearance with their on site finishing.  Or they have us perform cutting for them.  We are often times more accurate and faster than they could be on the job site.  This saves them valuable time with basic tasks allowing them to concentrate on other details.

In addition to our shop services, we can help you with the proper material selection.  We know what is the best wood to use for various applications.  Our store staff is available to help you with your project planning.  Let Parkerville make the difference in your next project.