Plywood and Architectural Panel Pricing


Retail Plywood and Architectural Panel General Information

  • Panels are generally available in 4′ x 8′ sizing.
  • Baltic Birch panels are stocked as 5′ x 5′ panels and can be special ordered as 4′ x 8′.
  • Special orders can be placed for oversized or unique panels. Please call for information.
  • Many special order plywood is available that is not listed. Please call (860)-649-9663 for more information or to place a sales order.
  • Special order plywood is available in full sheets only.

Milling and Labor General Information 

  • Our stock plywood is available in half sheets. Half sheets are considered to be a full sheet cross cut or ripped on center. The cost for a half sheet is half of the full price sheet plus $6.00.
  • Additional milling services beyond half sheet cutting uses our general labor rate. ($105.00/Hour). An estimate will be provided to you before work begins.
  • Some jobs, based on their size or complexity may not be able to be completed same day. In those cases, we will provide you with a sales order and the job can be processed through our milling production queue.

Discounts Available

  • When you purchase 5 or more panels, you receive a 7% discount on your per sheet price. Call for pricing on panel orders above 10 sheets.


We do our best at Parkerville Wood Products, Inc. to keep these prices up to date and as accurate as possible.

Please remember prices are subject to change without notice. Thank you.

-The Parkerville Wood Products Team

Cabinet Grade Plywood

Baltic Birch Plywood - Call for current pricing
ThicknessPly CountSizeGradePrice
3mm (1/8")3 Ply5' x 5'B/BB56.52
6mm (1/4")5 Ply5' x 5'B/BB65.13
9mm (3/8")7 Ply5' x 5'B/BB97.84
12mm (1/2")9 Ply5' x 5'B/BB111.92
15mm (5/8")11 Ply5' x 5'B/BB128.49
18mm (3/4")13 Ply5' x 5'B/BB159.42
Special Note*: Parkerville Wood Products, Inc. stocks Baltic Birch B/BB Plywood in 5' x 5' panels. 4' x 8' panel options are also available.
Birch (Natural) Plywood
1/4"4' x 8'A470.75
1/2"4' x 8'A1123.55
3/4"4' x 8'A1155.75
Cherry Plywood
1/4"4' x 8'A4109.00
1/2"4' x 8'A1181.78
3/4"4' x 8'A1194.69
Prefinished Maple Plywood
1/2"4' x 8'C22S143.36
3/4"4' x 8'C22S160.51
Special Note*: The grades for pre-finished maple are broken down into the face and back sheet grades, and also how many sides are finished. (An example: C22S is a C face, 2 back, and has both, or "2" finished sides (Face and Back)). For some projects only one side of the plywood will be showing, and so there is no need for finish on both sides.
Maple (White) Plywood
1/4"4' x 8'A4109
1/2"4' x 8'A1166.91
3/4"4' x 8'A1247.81
Sapele Plywood
1/4"4' x 8'A4151.50
1/2"4' x 8'A1181.50
3/4"4' x 8'A1264.50
Walnut Plywood
1/4"4' x 8'A4161.00
1/2"4' x 8'A1217.09
3/4"4' x 8'A1249.99
Oak (Red) Plywood
1/4"4' x 8'A479.00
1/2"4' x 8'A1155.00
3/4"4' x 8'A1177.66
Oak (White) Plywood
1/4"4' x 8'A4124.08
1/2"4' x 8'A1193.76
3/4"4' x 8'A1207.83

Shop Grade Plywood

Shop Grade Maple or Birch Plywood
1/2"4' x 8'D383.42
3/4"4' x 8'D399.33

Specialty Architectural Panels

Beadboard (Primed)
1/4"4' x 8'1-5/8" OC V-Bead64.62
1/2"4' x 8'3" OC Standard Square Bead75.38
Special Note*: Beadboard has a variety of customizable options. Please call Parkerville Wood Products, Inc. for more information on special ordering at (860)-649-9663. Thank you.
Wacky Wood Plywood (Bending Plywood, Barrel and Column)
1/8"4' x 8' Col. or 8' x 4' Bar.N/A37.55
3/8"4' x 8' Col. or 8' x 4' Bar.N/A53.06
Special Note*: The 1/8" stocked barrel and column bending plywood is poplar. The 3/8" stocked barrel and column bending plywood is Lauan.
Melamine (White and Black)
1/4" White4' x 8'G2S35.00
1/2" Black4' x 8'G2S59.99
1/2" White4' x 8'G2S59.99
3/4" Black4' x 8'G2S74.98
3/4" White4' x 8'G2S74.98
Special Note*: Other colors and panel sizes of melamine may be available. Please call Parkerville Wood Products, Inc. for more information. (860)-649-9663
1/4"4' x 8'Regular43.05
3/8"4' x 8'Regular50.54
1/2"4' x 8'Regular60.72
5/8"4' x 8'Regular64.82
3/4"4' x 8'Regular79.95
Special Note*: There are many specialty MDF based panels. Some are machinable, others are moisture resistant, some vary in sizes. Call Parkerville Wood Products, Inc. for more information. (860) 649-9663
MDF Medex (Exterior)
1/2"4' x 8'Exterior107.18
3/4"4' x 8'Exterior155.76
MDO (Exterior)
1/2"4' x 8'G2S90.00
5/8"4' x 8"G2S107.00
3/4"4' x 8'G2S121.00
Particleboard (Flake)
1/2"4' x 8'N/A26.00
11/16"4' x 8'N/A34.00
3/4"4' x 8'N/A36.00
1/2"4' x 8'N/A38.00

Marine Grade Plywood

Marine Fir Plywood
1/4"4' x 8'AB128.99
3/8"4' x 8'AB155.75
1/2"4' x 8'AB175.31
5/8"4' x 8'AB188.73
3/4"4' x 8'AB199.63
Marine Meranti Plywood
6mm (1/4")4' x 8'AB110.55
9mm (3/8")4' x 8'AB116.55
12mm (1/2")4' x 8'AB189.75
15mm (5/8")4' x 8'AB206.75
18mm (3/4")4' x 8'AB236.07
Marine Okoume Plywood
4mm (1/8″)4' x 8'BS1088110.30
6mm (1/4″)4' x 8'BS1088140.25
9mm (3/8″)4' x 8'BS1088241.93
12mm (1/2″)4' x 8'BS1088251.81
15mm (5/8″)4' x 8'BS1088272.25
18mm (3/4″)4' x 8'BS1088306.99