Domestic and Exotic Wood Slabs

Wood Slab Sales Details at Parkerville Wood Products, Inc. 

  • Above is a gallery of the wood slabs offered for retail purchase at Parkerville Wood Products. Please select a thumbnail to enlarge the image.
  • Each slab is labeled with its unique item number and detailed with its individual measurements.
  • The meaning behind each measurement is as follows:
    • Th: – The overall thickness of the slab at its thickest point.
    • Width: Min – The narrowest width of the wood slab.
    • Width: Max – The widest width of the wood slab.
    • L: The overall length of the wood slab from end to end.
  • Each slab is priced individually based on its unique qualities. (Thickness, Width, Length, Character)
  • Book-matched sets can be sold as a set or individually.
    • Book-matched: Book-matching wood slabs is the practice of matching two (or more) wood slabs, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other. This gives the impression of an opened book.
  • The wood slabs below are currently in stock and available for purchase. If you do not see the slab you are interested in, please call Parkerville Wood Products, Inc. at (860)-649-9663. Using the resources available to us, we are always willing to aid our customers in sourcing unique material.

Milling and Labor General Information 

  • Due to their size, wood slabs can be very difficult to mill safely. We offer milling services should you require them.
  • One face or two face surfacing of large slabs can be provided using our CNC machine at a rate of ($110.00/Hour) The rate is pro rated every 15 minutes ($27.50/15 minutes). An estimate will be provided to you before work begins.
  • General milling services including joining, ripping, sanding, and much more can be provided at our general labor rate. ($90.00/Hour) The rate is pro rated every 15 minutes ($22.50/15 minutes). An estimate will be provided to you before work begins.
  • Some jobs, based on their size or complexity may not be able to be completed same day. In those cases, we will provide you with a sales order and the job can be processed through our milling production queue.

We do our best at Parkerville Wood Products, Inc. to keep these prices up to date and as accurate as possible.

Please remember prices are subject to change without notice. Thank you.

-The Parkerville Wood Products Team