We have some special stock of all locally milled, kiln dried wood that’s ready to go. It has more character than our regular material, like knots, blemishes, checks, mineral staining and spalting. This is not our regularly stocked material, so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Sale includes only specially marked material which has been stacked and labeled so it’s easy to find and pick from. Check out the pics for a sneak peak of what is available!

Deals are as follows:
4/4 Soft Maple – $2.00/BF
4/4 Sassafras – $3.50/BF
4/4 Birch – $4.00/BF
4/4 Spalted Maple – $4.50/BF
4/4 Curly Maple – $5.00/BF
4/4 Birdseye Maple – $6.00/BF
4/4 Ingrown Maple – $4.50/BF
6/4 Hard Maple – $3.50/BF
4/4 QS Red Oak – $5.00/BF
8/4 QS Red Oak – $6.50/BF
4/4 Poplar – Priced Per Piece

We are adding extra savings when you by at least 50 board feet!

5% off 50BF or more
10% off 75BF or more
15% off 100BF or more

Sale Good Through August 31, 2020

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