Board Foot Calculator

Please enjoy making use of our easy Board Foot calculator.  Simply provide the required dimensions in decimal inches (e.g., 12.75) for Length, Width, and Thickness, and the board foot amount will be calculated automatically.  In addition, you have the option of entering a cost per board foot and the calculator will provide you a total cost.

Please be sure that you enter the board dimension values in inches!

The term board foot or board feet is a standard unit of measurement used in the United States and Canada, to define the volume of lumber, singularly, or in bulk.  With a few narrow exceptions, Parkerville sells its lumber using board foot as a unit of measure

A board foot is calculated as follows:

Length X Width X Thickness / 144

Board foot can be abbreviated as FBM (for “foot, board measure”), BDFT, or BF. A thousand board feet can be abbreviated as MFBM, MBFT, or MBF. Similarly, a million board feet can be abbreviated as MMFBM, MMBFT, or MMBF.

Board Foot Calculator

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