Mailing and Billing Address

Parkerville Wood Products, Inc.
580 Parker Street, Manchester, CT, 06042

Parkerville Wood Products GPS Address 

22 Mitchell Road, Manchester, CT, 06042

Phone and Fax Contact Information

Phone: 860-649-9663 Fax: 860-432-1211

Dave Harris,
President, Ext. 203

Bob Osborne,
VP of Finance and Administration, Ext. 208

Gwyneth Morrison
Administrative Assistant

Russ Foerschner,
General Manager, Ext. 206

Rob Calderoni,
Estimator, Ext. 213

Cole Maurer,
Project Manager, Ext. 205

Brendan Harris,
Manager, Ext. 202

Dave Norman,
Sales and Customer Service, Ext. 211

Matt Laflamme,
Millwork and Customer Service

Pat Carroll,
Millwork and Customer Service

Chris Chaffin,
Millwork and Customer Service

Nathan Manley,
Customer Service, Ext. 200

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