Our History

In the fall of 1979 David M. Harris founded Harris Enterprise Corporation. Originally known as New England Country Woodworking, David began business as a sole proprietor after serving for two years in the U.S. Peace Corps in Ghana, West Africa. During his first few years of business, David built custom furniture, did light construction, and provided home improvement and maintenance services to a variety of local residential and commercial clients.

Incorporated in 1984 and with the assistance of two employees, David began to construct and sell retail store fixtures to G. Fox & Co., later known as Filenes. Filenes being part of the May Company lead David to Lord & Taylor another May Company store that was located on 5th Avenue in New York City where he was contracted to produce fixtures for the Company’s “Spring Promotion” for several years. This was the beginning of an ongoing growth pattern that has continued through today.

David & Brendan Harris

In 1990 the Company relocated to Colonial Road in Manchester, CT. and shortly thereafter changed its name to Harris Enterprise Corporation. This was done to change the small shop image and promote the larger-scale residential, commercial, and industrial projects that the company was currently involved with. The plant was now in a modern 25,000-square-foot industrial building on nearly 3 acres of land.

In 1998, with the design services of Bligh Graphics of Simsbury, David began marketing the Company with the name “Harris Woodworking”, a division of Harris Enterprise Corporation. Additionally, a new logo and artwork were utilized to further enhance the current image and branding of the Company. The company was now a multi-million dollar corporation that specialized in premium quality architectural millwork installations, both commercial and upscale residential. A few of the projects we were responsible for included over $15 million dollars in contracts at the Connecticut Casinos, projects at Ivy League Schools, Fortune 500 Companies and numerous private homes that have included millwork installations exceeding several hundred thousand dollars.


In 2004, David sold his successful company to other owners and was initially retained to run the day to day operations during the transition period.  The new owners decided that the specialty retail lumber & supply portion of the company was not something that they wanted to maintain and reached an agreement with David to buy back that portion of the business.  David left the Company in 2006 and, sadly, Harris Woodworking closed its doors in 2008.

...And Now

In December of 2005 Parkerville Wood Products, Inc. was formed by David Harris with the goal of creating a unique specialty lumber, supply and manufacturing wood products business.

Collectively the staff brings over 200 years of experience to help service you.  Parkerville Wood Products aligns itself and its staff with architects, interior designers, contractors, and builders to become an integral part of your team and project.  We bring vast technical expertise, professionalism, superior quality and credibility to every project we work on.

Over the past several years Parkerville has expanded its operations to provide custom woodworking in addition to its retail operation. We strive to provide high quality products and services that cannot be found at your local “Big Box Home Improvement Stores”.  We have invested in creating a store and shop that are normally limited to professionals and contractors in the trades, and made these products and services available to the public as well.  We occupy 22,000 square feet of a historic manufacturing building constructed with brick and large timber trusses built in 1900.  

Our shop and equipment are maintained to the highest standards and our skilled tradesmen keep the environment clean and the machinery finely tuned.  We are also working to become a “green aware” company by recycling our wood waste into clean burning fuel.  Although we recognize this as a significant step, we are proud to say that we continue to find and implement additional ways to preserve our environment.

But, the best is yet to come.....

Presidents' Day Sale

Presidents Day Sale

In celebration of President’s Day, our selection of 4/4 Cherry is on sale!  Regular 4/4 Cherry is discounted to $3.99 bf with 8+” wide at $4.49.

Sale runs until February 24th!

** We’re open until 7 PM on Thursdays **

Cherry Selection