Exotic Lumber Pricing

You can expect to find that the vast majority of Parkerville’s retail lumber has been kiln-dried to industry standards and has been surfaced (skip-planed) on two sides with one edge ripped straight.  The list below reflects those species that you’re most likely to find in our inventory; however, this list does not reflect all of the lumber we may have on hand at any given time.  If you’re looking for something in particular, or simply want to check what we may have on hand before visiting us, please feel free to call our office at (860) 649-9663.  We’d be more than happy to help. 

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SpeciesSizesExtra WideSpecificationsPrice
Afrormosia4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $18.98
Afrormosia8/4--KD, R1E, S2S$19.64
Anigre (PS)4/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $8.91
Bloodwood4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $15.98
Bocote4/4--KD, R1E, S2S$25.25
Bubinga4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $18.25
Canarywood4/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $14.85
Cedar, Spanish4/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.31
Cocobolo4/4--R1E, S2S$79.00
Ebony Macassar4/4--KD, R1E, S2S$35.10
Ebony, Gaboon (Rough)4/4--AD$117.50
Ebony, Indian (Rough)4/4--AD$60.00
Ebony, Macassar (Rough)4/4--AD$150.00
European Beech4/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $6.69
Goncalo Alves4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $14.32
Ipe (S&B)4/4--AD, S2S$22.28
Iroko4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $12.52
Iroko8/4--KD, R1E, S2S$13.12
Jatoba4/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $11.70
Jatoba4/410"+ WideKD, R1E, S2S$12.45
Katalox (aka Mexican Ebony)4/4--AD, S1S$23.89
Leopardwood4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $17.91
Mahogany, African4/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $8.62
Mahogany, South American4/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $10.99
Purpleheart4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $15.71
Redheart4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $25.11
Rosewood, Honduran (Rough)4/4--KD$36.95
Rosewood, Santos 4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $27.40
Sapele4/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $8.58
Sapele4/48"+ wideKD, FAS, R1E, S2S $8.99
Sapele (QS)4/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.28
Teak (FEQ)4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $44.16
Wenge (S&B)4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $25.20
Yellowheart (aka Pau Amarillo)4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $18.91
Zebrawood (S&B)4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $21.87
Osage Orange4/4--KD, S4S$31.95
Padauk4/4--KD, R1E, S2S $13.52
Cedar, Spanish5/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.50
Cocobolo5/4--R1E, S2S$82.00
Ebony, Gaboon (Rough)5/4--AD$121.00
Jatoba5/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $11.89
Mahogany, African5/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $8.76
Mahogany, South American5/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $15.59
Sapele5/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.02
Sapele (QS)5/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.48
Teak (FEQ)5/4--KD, R1E, S2S $44.80
Cedar, Spanish6/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.65
Ebony, Gaboon (Rough)6/4--AD$128.00
Ebony, Indian (Rough)6/4--AD$60.00
Ipe (S&B)6/4--AD, S2S$16.20
Mahogany, African6/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $8.88
Mahogany, South American6/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $15.74
Rosewood, Santos 6/4--KD, R1E, S2S $34.99
Sapele6/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.19
Teak (FEQ)6/4--KD, R1E, S2S $45.76
Anigre (QS)8/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $8.50
Limba, Black8/4--KD, R1E, S2S$9.80
Bloodwood8/4--KD, R1E, S2S $16.09
Bocote8/4--KD, R1E, S2S$25.90
Bubinga8/4--KD, R1E, S2S $18.89
Canarywood8/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $16.37
Cedar, Spanish8/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.99
Cedar, Spanish8/410"+ WideKD, FAS, R1E, S2S $10.99
Cocobolo8/4--R1E, S2S$89.00
Ebony, Gaboon (Rough)8/4--AD$135.00
Ebony, Indian (Rough)8/4--AD$60.00
European Beech8/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $6.90
European Beech (QS)8/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $11.17
Goncalo Alves8/4--KD, R1E, S2S $16.15
Ipe8/4--AD, S2S$29.99
Jatoba8/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $12.09
Leopardwood8/4--KD, R1E, S2S $18.84
Mahogany, African8/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $8.99
Mahogany, South American8/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $15.98
Purpleheart8/4--KD, R1E, S2S $16.86
Rosewood, Honduran (Rough)8/4--KD$38.49
Sapele8/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.29
Sapele8/410"+ WideKD, FAS, R1E, S2S $11.40
Sapele (QS)8/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $10.49
Teak (FEQ)8/4--KD, R1E, S2S $46.40
Wenge (S&B)8/4--KD, R1E, S2S $27.20
Yellowheart (aka Pau Amarillo)8/4--KD, R1E, S2S $19.37
Zebrawood (S&B)8/4--KD, R1E, S2S $22.87
Padauk8/4--KD, R1E, S2S $14.18
Cedar, Spanish10/4--KD, FAS, S2S $10.38
Cocobolo10/4--R1E, S2S$91.00
Ebony, Gaboon (Rough)10/4--AD$150.00
Mahogany, African10/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.55
Mahogany, South American10/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $16.45
Sapele10/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.59
Cedar, Spanish12/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $10.79
Cocobolo12/4--R1E, S2S$93.00
Ipe (S&B)12/4--AD, S2S$18.00
Mahogany, African12/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.95
Mahogany, South American12/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $16.54
Rosewood, Santos 12/4--KD, R1E, S2S $36.00
Sapele12/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $9.69
Cedar, Spanish16/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $11.05
Mahogany, African16/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $10.10
Mahogany, South American16/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $16.98
Sapele16/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S $10.48
Sapele (QS)6/4--KD, FAS, R1E, S2S$9.99


  • Check out our Specials & What’s New section for time-limited discounts.
  • When you purchase between 100 and 249 board feet of lumber, you are eligible to receive a 7% discount off your board foot price.  Please call our office for discounted pricing on lumber orders greater than 250 board feet.
  • When you purchase 5 or more sheet goods, you’ll receive a 7% discount off your per sheet price.  Feel free to give us a call for pricing on orders above 10 sheets.
  • Our commercial woodworking department generates many cross cut shorts and narrow rips. These pieces are available for sale at reduced pricing.

Terms and Conditions

  • We recommend that customers call us before visiting!  Our inventory and pricing change periodically; we may also stock additional species and products not listed above.
  • Our Return Policy: Anything lumber that has been cut, milled, or otherwise altered is not returnable. Anything unused or uncut can be returned within 30 days with a 5% restocking fee.
  • Our lumber is sold by the board foot.  A board foot can be determined by multiplying the board’s, Thickness in inches (x) Width in inches (x) Length in inches, and dividing by 144.
  • We will cross-cut longer boards if you are looking for short pieces, provided that the remaining length of board is eligible for resale.
  • While we try to maintain an up-to-date online price list, prices are subject to change without notice.  Due to the individual nature of each board, please use this list as a guideline only.  Lumber prices can also be influenced by unique features of the board, such as a grain pattern, if it’s a slab versus a board and so on. 
  • Special orders for lumber or sheet goods are priced according to market and may be more expensive that what’s available onsite.
  • Our lumber is sold in an “as is” condition.  While Parkerville strives to purchase lumber that is of the highest quality, some of our hardwoods or softwoods may contain irregularities common to lumber such as checks, cracks, spalting, among others.
  • Basic milling services, such as crosscutting, jointing or plaining can be provided to our customers.  The cost milling services is based on our standard shop rate, charged in fifteen (15) minute increments.  Your lumber purchase is tallied before milling is started.  
  • Some jobs, based on their size or complexity may not be able to be completed same day. In those cases, we will provide you with a sales order and the job can be processed through our milling production queue.
  • The Connecticut State Sales tax is applied to all sales.  Commercial customers reselling Parkerville goods or services must provide Parkerville with a valid Connecticut State Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate.