Our Big Wood Sale

March 1, 2024 | 4 min read | By: David Harris

Greetings Customers & Friends,

For the first time, last Saturday we opened our wood warehouse over on Brainard Place in Manchester to the public for a big lumber sale. We moved a lot of lumber including some overstock, non-inventory material, discontinued stock, short runs of mouldings, etc. We plan to do it again in the late fall so stay tuned for more information. It may include some surplus equipment as we accumulate lots of stuff.

We seem to have a relatively constant flow of interesting things happening at Parkerville. Recently, we were contacted by a site scouting company whose niche is to find unique locations for the film/production industry. One of our valued customers knew a woman who works for this company and in a discussion with her, it was brought up that their company was looking for a location to film a promotional commercial for DeWalt. This customer recommended our shop, explaining to the woman that the atmosphere and character of our location would be ideal. They called us about six weeks ago to see if we would be willing to have our shop available for their shoot. That same day the woman drove up from the southern part of Connecticut to visit our facility and take scores of still pictures. After their evaluation, they called and asked if they could use our location for at least one shoot, maybe more. After telling us they would pay a nominal fee, and that the process would be disruptive, we agreed.

A couple of weeks later, a small crew visited, took more pictures, and studied the layout of our operation. A couple of weeks after that, a group of 10 arrived to lay out specific shots and create a production schedule. The actual film production was done last Friday. They arrived at 6:30 am with a crew of about 25 people. Big-time cameras and lighting. Actors, wardrobe and make-up people, tents set up outside, tables set up with props (lots of cool tools), even one guy that took new tools out of the box and made them look used before filming. They wrapped up just before 7 pm.

They were right. The process was quite disruptive. Partly because of the timing of the shoot. We are very busy with the production of a couple of large-scale projects. In one of their 1st choice areas to shoot, we had large, paneled walls set up and leveled being built, not easily moved until they were complete. They weren’t complete, so they had to work around us. It was an interesting experience to get involved with and to observe, but there are pros and cons to everything. The staff from both Stanley Black and Decker, and the production company were professional and a pleasure to work with.

As we enter the summer months of July and August, we see our sales trends predictably change, with many of you vacationing, working in your yards and gardens, and spending time with your families, so we may not see you as often. Enjoy your summer. On the flip side, contractors are busy working on outside projects, taking advantage of the nice weather, so we see them regularly. Years ago, we used to close on Saturdays on weekends like Memorial Day and Labor Day. Don’t worry, we don’t do that anymore. We are open every Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm, and Thursday evenings until 7 pm for your convenience.

As always, thank you for your continued business and support.  I hope to see you at the shop.


David Harris, President

Parkerville Wood Products, Inc.

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Presidents' Day Sale

Presidents Day Sale

In celebration of President’s Day, our selection of 4/4 Cherry is on sale!  Regular 4/4 Cherry is discounted to $3.99 bf with 8+” wide at $4.49.

Sale runs until February 24th!

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