Introducing: Stop Loss Bags

Stop Loss Bags

Like me, most woodworkers have purchased an expensive finish product, used it, and still had some left over.  Fast forward to the next time you need it, only to find that it’s skimmed over or gone stale.  While metal tins are excellent for transport and storage, they’re not designed for pouring the finish or keeping oxygen out after some of the contents are used.  While there are all kinds of tips on how you can avoid this, none of them are foolproof.

Introducing StopLossBags®

StopLossBags® are engineered using a 3-ply construction designed specifically to prevent the loss of solvents by inhibiting oxygen penetration into the bag.  Used properly, you can greatly extend the shelf life of your expensive finishing products, whether you just need to use a little, or more.  Once you’re done, seal the bag up and store it away.

Can StopLossBags® be used for other solutions or liquids?  Absolutely, with some exceptions.

  • Use StopLossBags® for: any Oil, water, or alcohol-based liquids.  You can also use them with paints, stains, varnishes, glues, mineral spirits, liquid waxes, darkroom chemicals, alcohols, water/ice, shampoo, etc.
  • Do Not use StopLossBags® with: any liquids containing: acetone, benzene, lacquer, lacquer thinner, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene, xylene, isobutanol alcohol, ethyl alcohol, and ethanol alcohol. Paint thinners may contain one or more of these solvents.

They’re not just for the shop.  Their design makes them perfect for camping, going on a picnic, or even in the kitchen, where you want to extend the shelf life of something.  Learn more about these extremely useful products here, and be sure to check out the demo video below.

Stop by and visit us in the shop, and be sure to ask us about our special discounts on this product.

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Presidents' Day Sale

Presidents Day Sale

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