January 2024

January 2, 2024 | 3 min read | By: David Harris

Greetings Customers & Friends,

HAPPY NEW YEAR. I hope your holidays were outstanding. 2024 is upon us and the winter solstice is behind us. We are gaining a few minutes of daylight every day.

MLB spring training starts in less than two months. Summer will be here before you know it. I used to enjoy winter, but now, as I get older, not as much. Last year I only started my snowblower once. So far this year, no snow in sight. I admit that a white Christmas would have been nice. Although I can say that it is nice not having to deal with the cold, ice, and snow, it is not a good thing for our fragile planet and the life that exists here. Be conscious of this.

Overall, 2023 was a good year for Parkerville. I wish to thank our dedicated staff of 25 who manage to keep the wood flowing through our doors daily. They work hard to offer you unapparelled customer service every day. They have a passion for what we do here that is easily noticed when you engage with them in our shop. We love making our customers happy and assisting in your projects. Thanks also to our valued vendors that we work with daily.

And to you, our customers, everyday wood purchasers and contractors, residential and commercial, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the confidence you have placed in Parkerville and for your business and loyalty. Without you, we would not be here. Almost daily we have customers who are willing to travel 50 -100 miles or more to buy lumber and have us assist in milling and fabricating their projects to help bring their visions to fruition. We will continue to find unique beautiful wood to keep your experience here exciting. We will also continue to use modern technology, innovative designs, and sound engineering, combined with old-world craftsmanship to produce the larger projects we build efficiently and economically for the customers and contractors that we work with and value so much.

Moving into 2024 we are all planning our New Year’s resolutions. Most of my personal ones are the same. Lose some weight, get more exercise, and try to work a little less as I approach old(er) age. Also, spend more time with my family and my two little grandchildren, Emily (1 1/2) and Charlie (6 months).

On the business side, we will continue to grow and expand our products and services to better serve you. We hope to acquire the building that will provide a significant incentive to make much-needed renovations and improvements. In 2024 we plan to add significant square footage to our operation to set up a larger mill and to store materials. 

In closing, I wish to thank you again for supporting our Parkerville family, and our 25 employee’s families that rely on your business and support. We don’t take it for granted.

I hope to see you at the shop.


David Harris,

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Presidents' Day Sale

Presidents Day Sale

In celebration of President’s Day, our selection of 4/4 Cherry is on sale!  Regular 4/4 Cherry is discounted to $3.99 bf with 8+” wide at $4.49.

Sale runs until February 24th!

** We’re open until 7 PM on Thursdays **

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