October 2023

October 1, 2023 | 2 min read | By: David Harris

Greetings Friends,

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Parkerville Wood Products website on October 1st.  This new site is a significant improvement over our old site, with the goal of providing our valued customers and partners with a better browsing experience, and to ensure you have access to greater range of information on our products and services.   Here is a quick list of the new features:

  • Showcasing promotions, sales and special events that are of interest to our customers, such as our Wood of the Month, Featured Lumber, Clearance Items, upcoming classes or demos and so on,
  • An easy to navigate products page that lets you choose how you’d like to see our wood products listed,
  • Expanded details on our lumber inventory, with product detail pages for each species,
  • Expanded details on our plywood and architectural panels, also with product detail pages,
  • Easy access to searchable, online price lists,
  • The ability to download PDF versions of our price lists,
  • Access to resources, articles, blogs…and more!

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be adding additional features and content that we believe will continue to set Parkerville apart as your first stop for all your woodworking needs.  Our goal at Parkerville is to continue to drive value for our customers.  That means we welcome your feedback and comments!

How this came about...

Upgrading our website has been a long-term goal for Parkerville.  As I am sure you can appreciate, in a small business like ours, projects like creating an entirely new website can be difficult and time consuming.  So, projects like this take a back seat to meeting the everyday needs of our customers.  Websites are also tricky because they call for a mix of technical and creative skills that many small businesses lack in their staff.  Finally, it’s also critical to have a dedicated project manager to set deadlines and drive the project.  After several reviews and interviews we hired ImageWorks in Vernon, CT. as our solution provider.

Internally, my son Brendan was spearheading the project. As many of you know, Brendan wears many hats here at Parkerville. In the early stages of the project, we were having difficulty carving out the time needed to building the  site’s initial content.  After some internal deliberation, we decided to look to a member of our own team who we knew probably had the skills and time needed to help us move forward.

Late last year I received a resume from Len Smith, someone who had purchased lumber from us many times over the years.  We had our little “help wanted” ladder sign outside and it caught his eye. He sent me an email one day and let me know that he was retired, but was a hobbyist woodworker and wanted to “keep his hands in sawdust.”  He shared that he’d be interested in something part-time and that it was more about the work than the money.  After several discussions, I asked him to join our team.  Given his background, I asked Len to fill a bit of a hybrid role.  He can be found working in the shop, but also helping us with other needs such as participating in trade shows, helping us with some of our operational needs and so on. His influence has been positive for all of our departments. 

At one point, Len had made some suggestions to us about our website and this planted a seed.  Brendan and I decided to ask Len if he could help us get the new website ready for launch.  We needed someone who could spend the time focused on this effort.  He was happy to help.  From that point on, the project moved forward in a rapid, efficient, organized fashion.  It was truly a team effort, and my thanks go to Brendan, Len and the folks at ImageWorks for helping make this happen.

We hope you find this new site to be informative and user friendly. Please make us aware of any quirky issues that you may encounter as we will be adding and changing content in the early stages. We are still gathering photography to build or portfolio and plan to have some of our premium feature boards and slabs pictured on the site. We are excited and optimistic with its launch. We welcome your feedback.

Looking forward to seeing you at the shop.


David Harris,

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